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More testimonials from our ETL alums:
“The Enterprise Through Literature experience has been a game changer for me, not just in my classroom, but in my entire thought process as well. I have developed unit and lesson plans that are highly engaging and useful. However, the even bigger benefit has been meeting other educators who have the same passion for the craft as I have. I have grown my “teacher tribe” and have a fabulous community from which I draw constant inspiration and new ideas.”

-Teacher, Frankfort, KY

“For any teacher out there who is looking to transform their classroom into an active place of purposeful, student-driven instruction, look no further. This methodology and approach to the classroom has completely revolutionized my practice, and after 15 years in the classroom I can honestly say have never had more engaged and excited students. Whatever you do, take this course and change your curriculum accordingly, I promise you won’t be disappointed with the results.”

-Teacher, Andover, NY

“Thank you Enterprise through Literature for the experience of creating and collaborating with this group of intelligent, compassionate and dedicated colleagues.”

-Teacher, Cape Coral, FL

“I appreciate the amazing opportunity the ETL workshops have afforded me to work with stellar educators from all over the United States. To reexamine literature as a means to engage students in enterprise is a completely new and inspiring paradigm for me. The ETL experience has enriched my career as well as the worldview of my students.”

-Teacher, Valdosta, GA

“Experiencing the Enterprise through Literature program has informed my teaching practice. ETL, however, has done something that no other PD (that I have experienced) has done. This program has helped shape and define my world view. For the first time in my career, I have thought of myself as a person of value, an asset to learning communities. This program has instilled a personal confidence that I have never had as an individual. I can honestly say that I approach every aspect of my life differently since last summer: my relationships, my employment, my teaching, my parenting.”

-Teacher, Forest Hill, LA

“Through philosophy, economics, and application, the course pushes you, as a teacher, to reevaluate your current strategies and expand your repertoire of teaching methods to affect students’ lives in practical ways. This course brings together all of the relevant components of context and background information pertinent to teaching fiction. It is an incredibly useful course that not only makes you a better teacher, but it also makes you reconsider your value as an individual in society.”

-Teacher, Miami, FL