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The Ed Snider Center for Enterprise and Markets is an interdisciplinary center for research and education that is part of the Robert H. Smith School of Business at the University of Maryland. We believe that the future of innovation depends largely on making sure that the next generation is well prepared to work in a rapidly changing, technology-driven future. To do this, students need to learn to be creative, critical thinkers who celebrate productivity and accomplishment. They need to learn about honesty and integrity and they also need historical and philosophical perspectives to help them understand the role of enterprise and markets in the creation and distribution of new ideas.

The Center works to achieve these goals by creating high-quality curricula for leaners of all ages. The Enterprise though Literature Program was founded in 2015 as an intensive curricula-building workshop. With generous support from The Ed Snider Foundation, the Objectivist Venture Fund and the Ayn Rand Institute, the Ed Snider Center developed Fostering the Entrepreneurial Spirit , the first of several online courses focusing on training teachers in foundational economic, historic, and philosophical principles. To learn more about the Center visit our University of Maryland web site.


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David Waguespack's study shows that when forming new companies entrepreneurs may have biases they're not aware of, and, in some cases, these biases may originate from the political structure of their countries of origin. https://t.co/mwEjP6sfVn

Honest feedback from trusted colleagues can be of considerable help as professionals cope with the challenges of a rapidly changing economy. To help get that feedback, Snider Center Director Rajshree Agarwal recommends creating a personal advisory board https://t.co/RpCwTj7q98

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