Our Mission

Enterprise through Literature encourages high school teachers and students to explore the interaction of the individual, the market, and society through great literature. Among the literature taught in high school courses are works such as Atlas Shrugged that portray individuals who embody independence, creativity, and innovation and works such as The Great Gatsby that convey timeless ethical and moral struggles facing ambitious entrepreneurs. Other literature such as Brave New World, Fahrenheit 451, Catch 22, and 1984 vividly illustrate the social and organizational aspirations and failings that lead to utopian and dystopian societies. ETL began as a summer workshop for high school teachers and has now expanded to consist of an online professional development course for teachers and an annual national contest for high school students.

Through the online course, ETL offers training in business and theoretical framing principles and guides teachers in building quality curricula. ETL teacher alums are part of a vibrant network of kindred spirits who sustain and support one another’s efforts. The ETL contest provides students and teachers a way to showcase their insights and real world research before a national audience. For more information about the workshop, online course, and the contest follow the links below or get in touch.